Winter, Harumph

It was pretty warm (for February) the whole time I was in DC. It rained two days, but the sun had popped out and was shining fully when I flew out. Which made it all the more annoying to fly right into a snow storm here in Colorado. The landing looked like we were still in a cloud, and the drive home was a bit treacherous.

Sure these pictures look a little pretty, as Saturday was sunny and nice... but Sunday the snow came back, and the sun disappeared, and it just kept snowing.

Everything that melted was back, and most annoying, the sun was gone for a few days. That's super unusual in Colorado, and we don't like it!

Now its back to being cold, but at least the sun is out. Can Winter be over now?

Ps.  Happy Valentine's Day! Tell someone you love that you love them!

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