Friday Check In - Its April!

Does anyone remember when January felt ages long, well March really took the cake didn't it? But 5 years into 2020, and it is finally April. I'm writing this from the couch, in between online classes, while Gwen Zoom meets with her classmates, and Trav is on a conference call. What a brave new world we're living in. Gwen is out of school until May at least, and its looking more and more like it might end up being until the end of the year. We'll see what happens.

We started online school with Gwen this week, and there was definitely a learning curve. It will get easier, I know, but yikes. Thankfully my first virtual class went much smoother.

How are you all handling this quarantine situation, honestly? For the most part things here are going really well, but that doesn't mean that we're all doing well with it all of the time. Its starting to feel more familiar and normal, but its still hard, and when days come up that we would have been doing something fun, its hard not to feel down about it. But we press on. We've been moving our bodies more, getting fresh air on the balcony and by walking the dog as much as the weather cooperates, and that helps a lot. What's helping you through this?

Sending out lots of love over these virtual channels to those who need it right now.

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