Now That Thats Out of the Way

So I did some heavy complaining at the end of last week, and it was both needed, and I think warranted. That said, that very day, I started a list of things that were "special" in some way that I'd done last week, things that brought me joy, or contentment.

In no specific order:
Started my day with Yin Yoga (with Gwen!)

Baked banana coconut mini muffins

Cleaned our a catchall drawer that was over stuffed

Sold two necklaces that weren't getting any love anymore (and got a beautiful new one that was calling my name)

Took my Wednesday class with Michelle

Took a 5k walk

Meditated (multiple days)

Played board games with Gwen (she's getting pretty good at checkers and Chinese checkers!)

Did a huge grocery run

Started a learn Welsh podcast

Finished a Little Dipper / Big Dipper embroidery that I had originally started about 3 years ago!

Made Kongjang (Korean braised soybeans)

Organized my side table in the bedroom and living rooms, and the top of my dresser

Made my All Levels Yoga class on Facebook Live a weekly thing! (Every Friday at 3pm)

That's a pretty great week.

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