Bring the Camping Inside

Gwen's Girl Scout year obviously got cut short. They haven't met in person since March, and they only started meeting virtually about a month ago. They were so sad to have to miss out on their end of the year camping, but decided to do a zoom camp out instead. Obviously it wasn't the same, but I appreciate them making the best of the situation. Girls were invited to camp in either their back yard, or inside somewhere. We made a blanket tent in the living room, since we don't have yard space.

They also dropped off backs of stuff on each girl's doorstep, so that they could all do the same fun camping activities. I loved the creativity of using different sized treats to teach them how to properly build a campfire (pretzel rods for logs, pretzel sticks for sticks, potato sticks for kindling, etc).

They also dropped off stuff to make box ovens, and s'mores fire pits.

Then they stayed up on zoom until 10pm playing games and telling stories.

It obviously wasn't the same, but listening to Gwen belly laugh from her blanket tent was so satisfying. Quarantine has been hard on her. We've finally lightened up our own restrictions to allow her to play outside with friends, but we still ask her to distance, and she misses the normality of certain interactions. I'm so glad her troop stepped up to create this next best scenario.

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