Pride and BLM

It's June - PRIDE month - and its more important now then ever to understand where Pride originated from. Pride was literally a riot. Starting with Stonewall, and especially LGBTQIA+ people of color (even more specifically, Trans Black People). It was a fight for the Queer community's very right to exist. Right now, Black people as a whole are fighting for those same rights - the right to exist without persecution - and queer people, ALL people, need to stand with them.

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You know, if someone murdered Gwen in cold blood, I’d want to burn them to the ground too. So what do you expect when that someone is the whole damn system?! Our very government, and the enforcers of our laws? When you’re told that kneeling isn’t an okay protest, nor is wearing an “I can’t breathe” t-shirt. The rage, sadness, helplessness I’m feeling right now is buffered by my white privilege. I will never know the fear of losing my family to the “inexcusable act” of being Black in America. 🖤 So just imagine how your BPOC friends are feeling right now. They don’t want justice after the fact (that’s a second place victory at best), they want TO STOP BEING KILLED. White killers that lead police on multi-state chases, kidnapping people along the way, are captured without bloodshed. They are put in the paper as “UConn Student” with a lovely smiling picture. BPOC are killed for being (falsely) accused of writing a check. Or for taking a jog. Or for sleeping in their own damn bed. 💔 They deserve better. We, white people, have to do better. It’s not enough to not be racist. We have to actively fight back against an oppressive system. And if you’re tired, imagine how your BIPOC friends are feeling after fighting this same damn fight for hundreds of years. 🤎 Please take the time to do some research, find ways to help. Amplify Black voices. And refuse to be silent when you see an oppressive system at work. #blm #blacklivesmatter #whiteprivilege #blacktranslivesmatter
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It's not enough to not be racist, it is time to actively be working against racism. And it is not okay to be silent.

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@therealyogimuse always gets me to try fun new shapes. Often new poses or variations produce a certain amount of discomfort at first. In yoga we learn that pain is your body’s way of saying something is wrong, but discomfort is something that can be sat with. Often times it’s simply alerting us to a new area of the body that we’re finally breaking into. If we learn to sit with it instead of running away, we get to move forward. If we learn to listen to the discomfort to see what is underneath, we grow. 🕉 White folks, what’s happening right now might make you feel discomfort. Sit with it. Don’t run away from it. Look at what is causing your discomfort and see what old, racial biases you’re carrying inside without even realizing. Grow. BIPOC have been adjusting themselves to alleviate our discomforts for far too long. It is well past our turn. #blacklivesmatter
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Black Lives Matter.
Trans Lives Matter.
Black Trans Lives Matter.

The fight doesn't end until we all enjoy the same freedoms and protections.

Please check out these amazing resources for education:
Black Visions Collective
Ally Henny
Rise Up Midwife
Matt Bernstein
The Armchair Commentary

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