Little Bit

There has been plenty to celebrate lately... Girl Scout trip to Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park, mini golf, ropes course, and more!), Father's Day (pedicures! and Chinese food!), and Litha (a good whole house clean, and dinner with my sister and sister-in-law) specifically... but also just the little things. Summer days, visits from extended family, and plans for more travel soon.

It's only about 2 weeks until Gwen and I start heading East. I'm so excited to see Panda (who moved to AK from Colorado earlier this year), do some camping, and of course, see my parents!! It is getting harder and harder to leave Daisy behind (even when we're leaving her with Travis!), the older she gets. At least this time I'll be coming back with a new tattoo... of Daisy! It will be nice to have days that feel like our old summer days.

We've all been feeling the stress a bit lately. Balancing work with Gwen home for the summer, and suddenly even having a few extra things to do seems like so much to do after over a year of just, not doing things. This too will pass, but a few weeks of travel and visiting is just what the doctor ordered, I think. Then when we get home, its only 3 weeks until Middle School! 😵 Its hard to wrap my head around that. 

Its hard to figure out what to write... there's so much in my head that its hard to even organize it in any way. But I wanted to at least check in. Happy June y'all.

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