Well Its Basically August and Summer is Over


I was talking with a friend, where I laid out how because we leave on our trip in 10 days(!!) my mind is consumed by prep for that, and that our trip takes up the majority of July, and when we return it takes a week or so to unpack and resettle and I have to jump immediately back into teaching/mapping/possible doula client, which takes us right into August and school prep because Gwen goes back on the 16th, so its basically August and summer is over. 


Hi, my name is Meegs, I'm a Leo, and I can be slightly dramatic sometimes.

Pride Face - Good Drama
But seriously, I cannot believe its already going to be July this week! Can someone come pack for me?

I did get to spend some lovely down time this past weekend doing yoga at Red Rocks with Hanny and Alex, which was lovely. And went to Pride with Gwenie. I needed that. 
There is so much good happening, special things and daily things, but woo doggie is the time just going too fast. How is your summer going?

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