AZ today!!!!!

So excited about going to Arizona today... fun and sun, swimming and hopefully tons of sleep! I'm sure i will have plenty to write about upon my return (Sunday). Been so busy the past week or so. Last minute house stuff (closing on the 29th)... insurance, finalizing mortgage stuff, and the like. Plus out to Pittsburgh this past weekend, and now I am so sore from moving tons of furniture. Ouch. Plus my car had to go and die at the end of the weekend, which kind of put a damper on things. Thankfully we made it all the way back to Philadelphia first!! Plus, Ro and Pat were there to help us out, so that was a huge relief. And now we have all this great furniture in storage, just waiting to be moved into our first house!

Today I have a nice half day... then I have to run to the getto car repair shop in Philly where my car is being repaired... fight with them about ridiculous prices, and hopefully get out of there in my car, with a shirt still on my back... drive to Willy's, to meet Trav... then on to the airport, and off to sunny Arizona! I need this!

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