Travis and I officially own a House!!!!!
This is very exciting news, so I had to write a little... even though I am very tired, and it has been a long (though very good and lots of fun) day... plus I was a little afraid of easyjournal since what happened last time I posted. Even though my post did get where it needed to be, it took about 400 error messages, and some frantic "what the sh*t is wrong with my journal" moments. I'm a little attached to this thing because of all the memories. I've been writing here for since the end of 2002! It's nice to be able to go back and see what I was doing at this time two years ago. But anyway! I obviously got over my weariness, and here I am.
So, my day. Started off cranky, because of being very tired (not as much sleep as I would have liked this week), and when I headed into work I found out some bad news that one of my coworkers had gotten her apartment broken into and a bunch of money stolen from her and her husband. So that was upsetting because she is a good friend of mine, and she was obviously very freaked out and distraught. Plus, it was so quiet in the office again. By 11-12ish, more people were getting in, and there was actually some activity... but since I had taken a halfday for the closing today, that was a bit of too little too late for me.
Around 12:30 I left and took a leisurely walk to the train station, rode out to Secane and had Trav pick me up. We headed to out new place for the final walk through, then off to the title company to sign all the final mortgage papers, transfer papers, etc. Then we got the keys, and we are officially homeowners!!
And we have to have lots of kids, because I think we signed away at least our first three... ;-)
No, it wasn't really that bad. After that we headed over to Rochelle & Pat's new apartment, which they just moved into today... to help them out with any moving stuff. Ro and I headed out to pick up some stuff they needed... bedding for the guest bed mostly... and got some sushi for dinner. The boys hung out and ... uh... drank. Lol. I'm sure they did something else in there too. Watch the Simpson for example. But we all had a good time. Now we are back at the apartment for some much needed rest.
Trav is already in bed, as he has to get up early tomorrow for camping with his grandfather and his grandfather's handicap boy scout troop. I'm sure he will have a nice time (his grandfather, the imfamous Willy, and him get along GREAT)... but it will be a long weekend for him nonetheless. I was a little too wired and excited to just head to bed. When we got in the car to come home, Travis just looked at me and says, "we have a house"... and it was such a cool feeling! But I think now it is time for me to say goodnight. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open, which certainly makes it hard to type.

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