long weekend

Well, contrary to weatherman belief, today was a pretty nice day. Sunny, and mild out. This weekend was beautiful! Unfortunately I had to spend it working. Not horrible... the History Institute when off without a hitch... but hard when it was so nice outside and I had to be inside. Plus putting in about 2-3 hours Friday night (after normal work hours), 13 hours Saturday, and 5 hours Sunday... just makes for a long weekend.

Saturday I spent some time walking around outdoors at the American College, where we hold our History Institutes, and their grounds are just gorgeous. The grounds there are technically a tree presserve... so it is just lush and full of great colors and smells. Plus they have a koi pond, and a stream that runs through, with little stone bridges. I actually requested info on having a wedding/reception there. We will see...

This morning I got to sleep in some... woke up on my own about 7:40, which was nice not having the alarm blaring in my ear, but instead coming out of sleep gradually. I relaxed for a while and then headed into work, getting here around 11:15. So my day was shorter, but it still managed to take forever.

(Random side note: Stella, if you are reading this... you need to update your journal!!! If you have time to read mine, you have time to write in yours!!! :-) Loves!)

Okay, just looked at the clock and realized its time to go home... so maybe i will write more later....

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