fridays are good

Fridays are good even when you have to work the whole weekend. The weather is gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to staying in the city... especially since Trav decided to come in with me tonight, and we are going out to dinner. Don't know where exactly, but figuring that out will give us a chance to explore Old City some... a part of Philly I haven't spent that much time in. I'm definitely looking forward.

Today has been pretty lazy... a few last minute things to fix for the weekend, but mostly just handling them as they pop up... so it hasn't been taxing. The worst part (which wasn't bad at all) was having Jan in Florida at the moment... so having to email or call instead of just walk down the hall with a question/concern. Yet it all got done and we are ready to roll.

And with that, I'm going to finish up my work day so the fun part of Friday can start.

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