ramble on rose

Had a dream last night involving people that I only "know" through their blogs (and including one I have only heard about through someone elses blog) and a sporting event of some sort. Odd to say the least.

It turns out I did get to come in late today, which was fabulous... I slept until 8:30 which was also great. And I'm in a fun, happy mood. Partly due to nice weather (sunny, light breeze, high of 74*), partly due to a nice convo with my mama this morning, partly because of this line from an email from Trav, "Glad you found that guy and ran something by him, but I might have to talk to him later." Doesn't strike your fancy... well that is because it is an inside joke and it makes me giggle because its funny and because no one else gets it. That's half the fun.

I was also looking through some old photos of Babs and I and found some goodies... they really make me smile.

My best girl is just so cute.

Anyway, all is well and good here. I got home around 9:20 last night, but the day went faster then I thought it would in the end... and the night was very nice. So I can't complain too much. Tonight I am looking forward to much laziness at home... I don't want to do jack! Lol.

In other big news... today is the 26th birthday of my girl, Rochelle!! Happy Birthday Ro!!!!!!

(This is us in the airport before flying out to Vegas for my bachelorette party...) Everyone click on over to Ro's blog and leave her some birthday love.

And so I don't forget a big congrates to my parents who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!! Nowadays it seems 25 years is something even bigger then it used to be... it seems much more rare... so congrates again to my mama and papita.

Oh that note, I'm going to go eat a banana and get back to work. Ciao!!

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