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Heard on train, heading home on friday:

Teen Girl #1: And like, this job is so totally perfect for me... I get to take lunch like whenever I want.
Teen Girl #2: That's awesome.
Teen Girl #1: And like, I'm so totally perfect for this job because I'm like really good with people.
Teen Girl #2: Uh yeah... wait, you are?


I'm feeling a little off today... just so slightly nauseous, a bit shaky, just off. I keep doing deep breathing to deal with the blerghiness and not groan outloud at work. I don't know if it's the weird sleep thing my bodies been doing lately (fall asleep fine, but then wake up multiple times during the night/early morning), or just that my body has to get used to itself and not being a vessel for artificial hormones, but either way it's annoying and I want to feel better.

This weekend was nice... relaxing, fun. Friday I hung out with Nick and watched tons of Family Guy while Trav enjoyed his annual department trip to the Phillies game. We both (all) had a good time. We putt-putted on Saturday, got me some black shoes I can wear to weddings, got/watched Rosemary's Baby (neither of us had seen it before, we enjoyed it). Sunday we were lazier, but did play some tennis and Travis was handy (made a quick fix for the hole in our upstairs closet and put new tiles into our kitchen ceiling).

The think we didn't do was travel up to my parents' place, but we had a good reason as they were out of town visiting my grandparents. They did love their presents though (gift cards to Cingular so they can get the new phones they've been wanting). So a huge Happy Birthday to my Dad, and a big Happy Mother's Day to my mom. Also, not so impressive, but I love to mention it... 7 months for Trav and I.

Right now I'm trying to plan out the trip to my uncle's wedding in CA... I want to get the tickets/reservations early so that it isn't too expensive... but I really hate planning this stuff. I always feel like I'm going to forget something. I would be so much happier to have someone else do the planning. I can't really complain though, I'm definitely looking forward to the trip (with my mom) and Christina (the bride) has given us all the info we need for hotels in the area, et al. She's great.

Anyway, that's all for the moment. Time for me to get some chow.

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