Back and doing pretty damn good. So much work to catch up on, but that's to be expected. We had the weekend to recover, which was very helpful. Although by staying up until an appropriate bedtime on the night we got back (10pm here, which would be 3am in Ireland!), we were able to get out bodies back on schedule almost immediately. Definitely nice.
Last night Ro & Pat came over to have dinner. It was good to see them... and fun to show them our pictures.

I did upload our pictures, but don't have time to do a big post right now... so Ireland recap tomorrow. For now, two more pictures from my uncle's wedding in Cali. Ones that I'm actually in! :-)

Mom & me looking cute together.

Mom, Aunt Linda, and me... pre-wedding.

I think the one of my mom and I is so damn cute.

Anyway, now it's back to work for me! Ciao!

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