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All is fine in computer land... but no pictures yet because I was sick and busy. Monday night I had to work late and when I got home I just about died. My head was killing me, I was coughing up a lung, and I just feel achy/yucky all over. I spent a little bit of time eating some pasta for dinner, and helped Trav a little with putting together the ingrediants for beef stew, then went and lay down because I felt like hell. I got up for a bit, saw the computer was fine, did about 15 minutes worth of work, then ended up back in bed for the night at 9:30. I felt shitty.
Yesterday was MUCH better... I felt pretty great when I woke up (much to Travis' chagrin, since my coughing kept him awake all night, I slept great!), despite my continuing with the smoker's cough. Day/Nyquil is my friend. Then it was work, dinner, work... par for the course. But pictures will be downloaded tonight! Promise! I have the camera by the computer so I remember.

Though I did talk to one of my very connected coworkers about helping me with my job searching. That was exciting. (Don't worry, he's trustworthy and discreet.)

Today, I'm feeling okay. Still coughing a bunch and feeling a little tired like, kind of heavy feeling in my chest, but okay besides. It's supposed to be beautiful today... sunny and 68*... I'm definitely going outside at some point. Hopefully that will help me feel a little better.

Then tonight, trick-or-treaters! But for now... back to work! Ciao!

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