TGIF... NYC style

I just ate a huge handful of almonds... so good. I'm glad they are one of the better for you nuts, because ever since I determined I like them, I cannot. stop. eating. them. All the damn time. Including five minutes ago, followed by a bag of Raisinets. Because they were there. And they are raisins! So they must be good for me too! Right?! ::Shhh::

So anyway, it's Friday! And I'm going to NYC tonight! Woo! It's also cold and rainy, but I'm too excited to care. I'm really hoping that I brought enough warm clothes... because I can definitely see myself walking around in my sweatshirt all weekend, each day around the city and even out each night to stinky bars, and coming home smelling like Lauren made me sleep in the alley behind her apartment. The funny thing is, I'm wondering this despite the fact that my bag is big enough and packed full enough that I got out of breath walking it from the house to the car... and Trav was looking a little worried that I was never coming home.
It's not that I actually packed that much, but between my big fluffy towel, my halloween costume, and my sweater... well huge. Bah. Still so damn excited though!

So what is new... um, nothing. Work all day, go home, eat dinner, work all evening until bed! It's rather tiring and aggrivating, but it's temporary. Like I said before, thank god for fabulous distractions!

Okay, back to work... hopefully pictures and a wonderful weekend recap when I return!

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