as promised...

I'm home sick today, but a promise is a promise:

So that last one was totally random, but I took it in a park by the river (only a few blocks from Lauren's) on Sunday. Beautiful city.

So as I mentioned, I'm home sick today, dealing with what I hope is just a bad cold... this cough just won't leave me alone and it's keeping me up all night. I'm so lucky to have a loving and forgiving husband because I know my coughing is keeping him up to and were the tables turned, I'm sure I would be getting annoyed at this point. Sorry Sweetie!!
It was really bad last night though, and my throat is so raw this morning that it hurts to drink milk (seriously, milk!)... so I'm glad I stayed home. I hope I can get a bit better by this weekend when I'm going to see my Babs for the first time since Christmas. Way. Too. Long. Sick is not in the schedule at the moment.
But anyway, I'm off to eat some soup, drink some tea, and work my ass off on this stupid extra project. Bah.

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