tuesday tuesday?

Opps... well I haven't exactly been ignoring this place, but just unable to find time/energy to post. So let's see, what's new.
First, feeling about 99% again! Which is great. No more hacking up a lung all the time, although I'm still coughing some in the morning. Sleep has been easier, and I just feel so much better overall. I think my body is appreciating the slower pace.

Thursday, the Annual Dinner went well. Everything on our side went smoothly, the Westin was amazing as always, and even though the speaker wasn't the best, it was still good. I have awesome coworkers too, which always helps.... and we had fun having a celebratory drink at the bar, post-dinner (sorry, low res pictures, I only had my old camera with me).

The biggest downside for me was the fact that my new shoes broke me in instead of the other was around. My left little toe is still blister-covered.

Friday I got to sleep in some which was also good! The weekend, and Lehigh/Lafayette was a lot of fun... waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to drive up, not so much... but it was great to see everyone. Trav and Pat left after the game (we lost at the last moment, very disappointing) to head to Jersey, they stayed the night there before heading to the Steeler's game on Sunday (bummer of a loss on that one too!).

Lehigh is beautiful this time of year!!
I hung out at Psi U for a while, then McGrady's (a bar, one of my old "haunts") which was a lot of fun with Slink Ed & Bo, then left and headed down to Ro & Pat's, to hang out with Ro. We saw License to Wed (pretty funny, but I was unsure of it the whole time... the ending redeems it a bit), drank Pina Colladas, and talked. We woke up on Sunday to no power, but it was back pretty quickly. We headed out to my place next so I could change clothes, then to brunch, then did the 5-mile trail in Riddley Creek State Park. It was nice to walk again after so long of not having the time to do it! And I felt good doing it too... which was a nice change after how weak I got while sick (out of breath after walking two blocks, horrific). Hopefully we'll walk this weekend too.

This is is moving a bit slowly, but since it's only a three-day week... I can deal!! I can't wait for Thanksgiving... one of my favorite holidays. Lots of food and family, a great combo. Plus a four day weekend. But for now, back to work!

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