getting there

Feeling better, voice is getting better... still not 100%, but I'm getting there. And besides a hair appointment (a desperately needed hair appointment, its been 12 weeks!!), I have nothing planned for this weekend. Just sleeping in, relaxing, and finishing up this damn project for work... such a relief!!

This morning I was waiting for the train and I could see my breath steaming up the air. I can't believe that it is so cold already. The leaves aren't even all changed or off the trees. I feel like I got jipped of fall this year. Like it was warm too long, and then it got too cold, too fast. Maybe I was just too busy and didn't really get to notice fall. That's a sad thought.

You're only young once, and I want to do all I can, while I can (hey, it's not like I could reschedule the weddings anyway)... but I suppose you just need to slow down sometimes. I think my body passed on that message loud and clear with my recent bout of sick. Either way, here we are, half-way through November (less then two weeks until Thanksgiving) already. I do love the holiday season... Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays... I guess I really love the ones full of family and food. And they do offer the perfect opportunity to slow down. It's just crazy how fast this year is going.

In a bit of randomness... I've been trying to comment a lot more on other blogs. It's funny, because I know I wish people would comment more here. People that say, "oh hey, I was reading your blog and heard about blah blah blah blah" (*mumble, mumble* StaceyEspoPat *mumble, mumble*)... but how can I really say anything if I don't practice what I preach. So, more comments all around! Sprinkled liberally like salt and pepper. Spice everything up a bit. I already apparently caused a bit of unintended controversy on one blog I read, but boy did I get you a lot of comments Donkey!! No?!
Also, I like to let people know that I'm there and reading... because honestly, daily post or not, I have my routine and check everyone's blogs first thing in the morning. It's better then a cup of coffee... and so the more you post, the better for me.

Stella for instance... I'm so glad she's back and posting. I think she's a bright, insightful poster. I do admit that I fall into the "i read her blog so I know what's up in her life and feel connected" trap (sorry lady...), but I just love to read what she has to say, and I'm bad when it comes to the picking up and calling thing (does anyone else hate the phone sometimes?). But she inspires me plenty (nyc personalities post for ex.)... indirect inspiration, but I think I'm going to feel out the boss man for some blue hair. What can I say, I like wearing my crazy on the outside. Will have to think on this more because of the possible job searching et al., but the idea is planted.

Now I have to get back to my busy day... but this felt very nice.

"She just wears her crazy on the outside
Most of us try to keep it hidden under our skin
Crazy has a way of crawlin out into the open
No matter how you try to keep it in..."

-- Chasing Elvis "Looking for Elvis"

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