::whispers:: ugh

Today is going to be a quiet day for me... well, except for the coughing. I have very little voice left. What is there makes me sound like a pubescent boy. Fabulous.
And I'm hungry, but don't know what to/don't want to eat. I need new "I'm sick comfort me food" because more soup, really?!

In non-complaining news, my weekend in Indy was WONDERFUL! Seeing Babs was great... it's been almost a year, which is way way way too long. My flight out was uneventful, and even though my Babs and her boy-toy got a bit turned around on their way to the airport, I didn't mind the wait. It was worth it as referenced by the fact that we were up until 3am gabbing. Saturday was lazy... was watched the Butterfly Effect (sad, but good) and talked more... then finally got our of our PJs around 2 when we got ready for the dinner that night. The Vision Dinner was great (huge dinner for her work to show what they've been doing all year in the musical ministry)... and I loved meeting all her friends and having faces to put with the names. After that we headed to a bar for a quick drink before heading home. Sunday we met up with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin for brunch and relaxed with them for a little before heading back to Babs and chilling with the boy. The whole weekend went way too fast, and before I knew it I was on a plane back home. But of course, it was great to be back with Trav.

I do have pictures, but didn't get the chance to upload them yesterday. I was too tired and it was too late. Tonight though I promise, while I'm working my ass off on my project. Due this week and so not done. Urgh. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, any remedies for sore throat and no voice?

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