Didn't mean to leave that non-entry, entry up for a week... but damn does time fly. With Thanksgiving, and enjoying my four-day weekend, and then a busy Monday.... well this is my first chance to get back.

First off, glad to get some positive feedback on the new banner... I'm considering changing all the rest of the colors (background, etc.) too, but damn does that involve a lot of messing around that I don't have the time/energy for at the moment. Changing the background involves changing two panel colors, which then means messing with the text colors to make sure its readable, and the link colors, and the text title and side bar title colors, plus date and time stamps, entry seperator symbols, and tag colors. So, perhaps more changes in the near future... as time and patience allows!

Thanksgiving was great. Very nice trip up to my parent's with great food, and of course, fun with the family. We stuck with tradition and watched "Miracle on 34th St."... it starts with the Thanksgiving Day parade, so we always watch it on Thanksgiving, to kick off the season. I know it drives Trav a little crazy, he thinks its way too early for Christmas movies, but I love starting the season off early. It gives me the warm fuzzies... ;-)
I also asked my mom if she could write out a "Thankgiving prep schedule" for me, listing everything she does to get ready for the day. From when she moves the turkey from freezer to fridge, to when she makes the pies, and when she starts the gravy. Everything. She has it down to such a science, why mess with perfection? I figure eventually Trav and I will want to host a meal or two ourselves, and I'd like to have a set game plan... Maybe even next year?

Friday morning, Trav was up at 3:30a.m. to head to the Game Stop, where he stood in line for the chance at getting a Wii. Luckily, he was successful! So much of the rest of our weekend was spent alternating between chores and playing on the Wii. My mom, brother, and I joined Trav for some more shopping a bit later in the day (around 10ish)... we headed to Barnes & Nobles (I got a book and a present for my dad, my mom got stuff for all of us), Sears (another present for my dad), Kohl's (my mom and brother took care of me), and Walmart (a milkshake from their McD's... hey, I was hungry!). That night after headed back to our place, Trav and I also hit up the Best Buy (mp3 player for me), Target (baby shower gifts), and grocery store. A very successful day I would say!

Saturday and Sunday were much lazier. Lots of chores, Wii playing, and relaxing. I did a 4.3mile walk on Saturday which was nice. I also got most of our Christmas cards addressed and written out. I just have to weigh them, buy postage, and stamp them. Then we can send them out. Sunday I had a babyshower to head to for Trav's cousin. The only time the whole weekend I remembered to take pictures, was at the babyshower... and they are just some shots of the mom opening presents (so I won't even post). All in all though, a great four-day weekend.

The Eagles game offered a pleseant finish as well. Even though we lost, I'm sure all Eagles fans are with me on saying that the game was a DAMN good showing!! We really gave New England a run for their money! Something only one other team has really done this year. Hopefully this is a turn around for us (I know, talk about too little too late... but I'll take what I can get). I honestly wouldn't be upset if McNabb had to sit out another game or two. I would love Feeley to have more opportunity to prove himself. Plus they whole team seemed to really step it up with him at the helm. Hopefully we'll play consistantly at this level for the rest of the year.

Well, so much work to get done today... so I should get back to the grind.

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