*scratch scratch scratch*

Two nights in a row now I've been unable to fall asleep until after one in the morning. It makes for unpleasant waking. Last night I had to get up around midnight to lotion myself into greasy oblivion. It is definitely winter skin weather... that time of year when the cold/hot/cold/hot change between outside and inside dries you up like a prune bone. And itchy, oh the itchy. Hences the getting up at a hugely inconvinient time to smear myself with rich, white tea goodness (smells delish! feels even better! Also have this for the eyes, because the eyes need mositure too). Today I've been downing huge quantities of water also... rehydrate from the inside out.

In any case, I'm tired and itchy... but my extra outside-work project is almost done, and our work's big annual dinner is almost here. This weekend will be relief of the utmost. Imbibing too... it's Lehigh/Lafayette time again.

Well, I need to eat and get back to work... but back later this week. Ciao!

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