still whispering

So, let me tell you... it's hard work talking like this. It's tiring, and I can't wait to be well again. I can't wait to not sound ridiculous (though I do sound so much better then yesterday)!! I'm taking multivitamins, airborne, tylenol cold (plus head congestion), and sucking down many halls cough drops. Here's hoping it all kicks in soon.

Now, as promised... my Babwa in Indy:

Arrival night... we were tired
(that is babs and I, plus her boyfriend, Chris).

Looking better the next night... dolled up for the dinner.

Babs hair is fabulousness.

Gracie, the kittie...

Gracie, hiding.

My babs and I.

Chris rocking it out on the drums during the dinner.

Such a cute couple.

The Indy part of my mom's fam.

I really had such a great time.

Oh another note, only 54 days left in 2007... which means only 48 days left until Christmas!! Wowza! (I will take this or this please. Fabu.) Normally I would have started shopping already, but with all the happenings, I can't even believe it is Novemeber. As soon as my extra work project ends, the shopping will start. I do love this time of year.

Back to work for me... ciao!

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