sleepy sleepy

I'm so tired today! I feel like I'm moving in slow motion. Bah.
BUT last night was great and definitely worth the slow start today. Last night I got together with a friend of mine from high school, Vadim. We haven't seen each other since the summer following my freshman year of college, so it had been quite a while. But we had a great time! We spent a leisurely two hour dinner catching up and talking about what we were doing now. It was a lot of fun and we plan to do it again in a few weeks with our significant others in tow.

The restaurant was great too! We went to a place called 1225 Raw... we loved it. Great place (small, but funky - great decor), awesome food, good service, and the price was not bad. We each paid $40, but the actual bill price was $68... and about $20 of that was our (two) drinks. So not bad at all, especially to be completely stuffed afterwards.
We started off splitting the rock shrimp tempura plate which was amazing and bigger then I thought. I had miso soup, a salmon avacado roll, and some mut-su sushi (a white tuna, so good). He had one of their special rolls, which was HUGE! and delish. I'm a big sushi eater, it's my favorite kind of food... but that really filled me up (which is good). Plus, just a nice atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

Other news, that antibotic I'm taking has started making me nauseous... I'm supposed to take it definitely without dairy, but also without food if possible. For the first week or so after I took it, no problems. I'd take it with a glass of water before I left in the morning (around 8) and eat something when I got to work (around 9). Now I'm not even off the train before I start feeling barfy. No fun. Only about two more weeks until I'm done... hopefully I won't yack on the train before it's over. Wish me luck.

In nicer news, I am definitely in the holiday spirit! Cards are almost done (actually waiting to get ten more in the mail because we were short!), and I'm just feeling that warm loveliness that comes with the season. It makes me appreciate my fellow man a lot more... and hopefully it will give me a bit of energy/drive to dig out some Christmas decorations this weekend. It definitely helps that I just got a call from the scholar I was doing work for, and I will have a hand delivered check tomorrow! Perfect timing to pay off the Christmas gifts credit card payment. Now that is Christmas spirit worthy!!

Okay, back to work! Ciao!

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  1. you should definitely come and see spring awakening - I'd go again with you! :)


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