tis the season

So we haven't decorated yet... no christmas boxes have even been pulled out of the basement (or the closet? where are our decorations?). I always kind of felt guilty about not decorating our house more. I want a real tree! A big one! Perfectly done up with lights, delicate glass balls, and some ornaments that mean something (like the one I bought in Ireland! Because, wait... why did I buy that?). But in truth the most we normally do is put out our stuffed snowmen, our two foot mini-tree, and hang out stockings. And on the outside? Well you can see the fake candles we stick in our bedroom window... and that's about it.

I read that to have a truly stress-free (or at least, less stress) holiday season... one that is full of the things that matter, like family, friends, and goodwill towards men... you should pick the two "Christmas to-do" things that matter most to you and not worry about the rest. Example, baking cookies to hand out... decorating your house perfectly... sending out 70 christmas cards... etc. I've already done the 70 (yes, 70) cards, they were mailed out yesterday. I'm not sure what my second thing will be, but decorating the house the way I wish it could be decorated? Not it. And I'm going to do my best not to feel bad about that. Instead I'll enjoy my parent's tree, and their beautiful garland. We will hang up stockings and fill them with little things for each other. Maybe I can even get a wreath! For our front door!

But secretly I will still want a big, live tree.

Happy Hanukkah!

ps. Maybe baking a fabulous desert to take to my parent's... or one each to take there and to Willy's, maybe that will be my number two? Doesn't this look divine?! I do love bread pudding (with no raisins... that must be noted)! Cheers!

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