holiday roundup

Very sad news indeed: Bhutto killed. She was a very brave woman, and its sad her life was ended in this way.

On a nicer note... thank you for all the holiday wishes! We had a wonderful Christmas with both families. We saw most of Travis' family over the weekend and on Christmas Eve day. Christmas Eve night we headed up to my parents and spent the night there. It was very relaxing, and just what I needed. I feel 100x better this week then I did last week. I love four-day weekends, although coming back after them is always a little tough!

We both got some nice stuff... some clothes, cash, gift certificates for some new ink (yippee!), earrings, etc. Good stuff. And the fun continues this weekend... Willy's holiday party is on Saturday, before which I have a hair appointment and I'll be stopping by the tattoo shop to price out two designs. Then Monday night we're headed up that way again for a NYE party at a family friends' place. I'm excited for all of it.

The office is quiet this week... everyone (except for Miyano, who is in Japan until the 13th) is in at some point this week, but not all at the same time. Its kind of nice and lets me enjoy lunches out doing other things. Yesterday I did some shopping with a gift card I got to gap/old navy/banana republic. I got a great sweater and ordered some jeans from online (these and these... hopefully one pair will fit!). Today I'm going to run out and see a guy I know from the train, who happens to be a jeweler. Somehow I bent one of the prongs on my engagement ring! So I figure, I should get that fixed sooner rather then later!

Well, back to work for me! If I don't get back this week... have a very happy New Year!!

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