I really really need to do work today.... because honestly I've been pretty bad about it this week, and if my boss came up to me right now and said what have you done these past few days, I would have to answer, "not so much stuff, as not stuff?" (Althought I had an excuse on Monday because we had an event during the day that I had to help with... a big one, keynote: Ed Rendell, damn skippy.) And yesterday, well I got some done yesterday, but not enough and it's just so hard to concentrate.

Another trip to the dermatologist this morning... I didn't have to spend an hour in the waiting room this time which is nice, but still waited for a half hour in the exam room. She gave me a different antibotic, and some other creams, etc. Wish me luck.

This past weekend was good... saw a bunch of friends, relaxed, did a big food shopping and actually have stuff in our fridge now! Made a big batch of Cinnamon Bacon Carbonara, which is one of my favorites! I can't make it often though because it's one of those dishes I eat every meal until it's gone!! I finished it last night. Mmm.

Snow today (right now, in fact) and less then three weeks until Christmas!! Maybe some pictures if the snow sticks and is pretty. Ciao!!

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  1. We've been making Giada's pancetta here, too! It is Brenna's favorite episode to watch of "Everyday Italian"! Casey's made it twice and I've made it once (his turned out better than mine)!
    Two nights ago we made her turkey and cranberry ravioli and it was yummy! I served it with Giada's recipe for oven baked sweet potato fries with a garlic mayo! SOOOOO good!


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