Tis the Season... part two

Aka. Just one reason why I love my husband...
Blurry, sorry! And ignore the one strand of Christmas lights that went out in the center, we are fixing them today...

He did this for me!! :-) What a great man.

Plus, my early Christmas gift which I wore to his work Christmas party on Friday night, and am actually wearing again today (the dress):

And two from the party:

What a handsome man. My appletinis and I had a great time.

We also have stockings hung in the stairwell with care (mine is full already!)... and stuffed snowmen... and a few other odds and ends. Yippee!!

Other bits from the weekend: Walked with Ro both Saturday and Sunday, so we logged 10miles this weekend. Not too shabby. Saturday night we realized that we didn't have any gas coming into our house... not cool since its what we use to cook and heat in our house. Called the gas company, who were great and came out very quickly... but we ended up being without heat/hot water/stove or oven abilities for 7+ hours. Finally they knocked on our door at 2a.m. and turned everything back on for us. Could have been a lot worse.
Otherwise, lazy weekend. Which I love! Travis made homemade venison sausage patties... yum!

Thursday is my work Christmas party, otherwise I have a quiet week ahead. Back to work!

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