abstract day in the life

In picture form...

I actually brought in my camera the other day... I was taking it to the hockey game and since I had it, decided to take some pictures at work. Abstracts that make up my day.

Of course I completely forgot to take it out into Philadelphia at any point during the day, so I didn't get that aspect (I think I could have fun taking pictures around the trains, etc.)... but it's a start.

(Note: Didn't plan it this way, but another blog I read also did a similar post today. Except her's included pictures of, you know, her... and her big boobs, gorgeous hair, walk in closet with accessory wall {um, for real?!}, and slightly odd looking kids... I think they need to grow into their huge eyes, right now they look like elves. Anywhoo! Point being, this is more a "while I'm at work" day in the life, and pretty abbreviated... and it was just coincidence that its posted the same time. Not that any of you would have noticed if I hadn't said anything. Okay, end rant.)

Work holiday party today which should be fun! Good food, holiday spirit. Plus, I smell so yummy today... I got myself this* (thanks gram!), which is lovely and makes me feel pretty. I didn't think a smell could make me feel pretty, but this one does! Okay, back to work.

* Except, dear god it didn't cost that much because, holy hell, really?! Do people pay that much for perfume?! I mean it smells REALLY nice... I haven't found one person who doesn't like is so far... and I've had a lot of people smell me, but it doesn't smell THAT nice.


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