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I wanted to make a post just to point out this blog entry to people.

It's at Dooce, and I think you all know how I feel about Dooce/Heather. Like, if she were food I would weigh 900 lbs because I can't get enough of her. Yum, that Dooce sure is fattening, but I love her so... But love her, hate her, never read her before... you really need to read this post. You really do. Because she says so beautifully what I could not.

My family has a history of mental, uh, issues. My father is bipolar... I'm pretty sure his parents have some undiagnosed issues, and I've definitely suffered from bouts of depression. Heather is articulate, straight-forward, and gets the point across that whatever you are feeling there is no shame in getting some help for it. Be that therapy, drugs, herbs, or an alternative form of treatment... just get some help. There is no shame in needing a professional to help you with a disease.

Okay, have a great weekend and read that post!

ps. Who are you anonymous commenter? You creeped me out a little! :-)

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