mixed reviews

The weekend was a mixed bag. The laziness was good, the weather was gross, the couples massage on Sunday (an early Christmas surprise for Trav) was wonderful and relaxing, the leak in our roof that is going to set us back $900 is very frustrating. It all makes me feel very scattered, and my stomach a little knotted. Bah.

BUT the roof is being fixed today, and that makes me thankful for the fact that we do scrimp and save so much... thereby having a substancial savings that we can pull that from no problem. That, after all, is what it is there for.

Guess I don't really have much else to say this morning. Lots running through my head, but nothing I really want to put out there at the moment. I feel like I'm waiting for something, but I don't know what. It's an odd feeling. I'm eager for this week to be over so Christmas can get here already.

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