Good Friday, indeed

I had off today since Gwen's daycare was closed. I was worried about crappy weather, and being stuck in the house and going stir crazy! But while it was a little cold, it was otherwise beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky! Gwen and I had a great day.

We didn't really sleep in (unfortunately), but we lounged in bed for a while then got up and showered. After breakfast we headed to the park. 

Where we did this:

And this:

For 2 hours, stopping only for a snack, and to watch a big truck hose out some pipes.
After that we headed home for lunch and nap.

I was productive during nap, which is always nice... a load of laundry, did the dishes, and swept and washed the kitchen floors.

After nap we headed outside again to eat snack.

After snack we popped over to the neighbor's house to play in the sandbox.

Joe even joined us for a little while, which made Gwenie VERY happy!

After that it was time to cook dinner. Ham, basil, and cheese stuffed chicken breast; and wild rice with mixed veggies. So good! (Pictures/recipe next week.)

It was an amazing day, and just what I needed. Lots of fun, positive time with my girl, and lots of time outside. Best of all... we still have the whole weekend ahead!

Have a great one! Happy Easter all!

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