time of year

Its that time of year when the sun changes from cool sideways light to soft light from above. When everything gets lush and green and colorful. Its that time of year when everything smells like cut grass, flowers, and that amazing ion smell that comes before a storm.

After winter, with its cold bleakness, this time of year is like freshly washed sheets, its like waking up without an alarm, or like a hug from someone you love. Its comfortable and comforting and uplifting.

I've been in a funk for weeks now. Losing Gram could either push me further into a funk, or be the butt kick I need to change my perspective. I'm going the way I know she would have gone, the way I know she would want me to go, and inviting gratitude into my life.

  • I may not love my job... but I absolutely adore my coworkers! I work with the best people. They honestly care about me, they are fun and smart and generous.
  • I may not love my job, but I have one! With good benefits, flexibility, some travel, and one where my hard work is recognized.
  • I may not be doing (job-wise) the environment/conservation-focused stuff that I want to be doing, but starting this weekend I've found a GREAT outlet for that by doing monthly service projects at a local state park.
  • I may not love our house, but it is a roof over our head. It is warmth. It keeps us safe. It is where we returned to after our wedding, and where we brought our daughter home.
  • I may not love our house, but it is ours.
  • Trav and I might have our disagreements... we are different in so many ways! But I am lucky to have a partner that loves me so much. One who spoils me by letting me sleep in and doing 90% of the dishes. One who tells me he loves me every day.
  • Two years old might just be the age that kills me, but Gwen is absolutely the light of my life. Her hugs sooth my soul, and her laugh makes me laugh. She is trying, but she is amazing.
  • Daisy is loving, and good, and beautiful.
  • My family is amazing, supportive, fun.
  • Our friends are the best kind.
  • We aren't rich, but we are comfortable; we have a safety net. We have enough to be able to give back to those we love and those we don't know.

I am blessed. I'm not back to 100%, but I'm trying, I'm getting there.

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