mid-week smiles

We got outside last night after dinner (homemade udon soup, which was a hit all around -- Gwen had a big bowl-full, plus an orange). We headed out to run around and get some fresh air.

Still mastering eating soup on her own, but doing pretty good!

Beautiful spring day, and a big lift to my spirits.

Took a personal day on Monday and hoping to use it to do some physical and mental decluttering. I plan on getting some extra sleep, then going through my closet (hopefully pulling out at least one bagful to donate), sorting through Gwen's closet (packing up winter and too small items, organizing what's left, and washing the stuff she's growing into to be added), and then taking at least an hour to just laze around and read. We'll see what else I get around to doing.

In the meantime, I'm going to get a bunch of work done, then go home and love on this girl!

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