decisions, decisions

I can't believe its October already. Time is flying by at an alarming rate. This month will be no slower, since it is busy as heck... something every single Saturday and Sunday, plus 6 different work events. This month alone I'll be in DC, Princeton, Vegas, and Pittsburgh. If I'm quieter then normal, that might be why!

That, and the huge decision that is on our plate right now. We're not in a place to talk about it yet, because its really only 50/50 that it will happen (if that), but it would be a game changer for sure. Sorry to be so cagey, but I don't want to put it out there until a decision is made, so lets just say that it is a interesting situation, since neither outcome is good or bad, they are just different. With one outcome, not much would change for us, but it would mean huge changes for someone close to us; if the other outcome, very big changes for us and changes for the other person, though smaller hopefully easier ones. We'll see. In the meantime please send prayers, vibes, ju-ju that the best choice for all becomes very apparent to all, and that it can be made relatively quickly (in the next month or two), so that we can adjust to the decision and move our lives forward.

Okay, lighter... Celtic Classic this past weekend, and it was wonderful! We met my parents there and ran into a ton of friends. I got my favorite Welsh cookies and we all rocked out our kilts. I didn't get really any pictures, and my parents only got a few, but at least we have two of Gwen looking cute.

Police motorcycle.

We stopped by the rehabilitation center on our way home to see Willy. He loved our kilts.

You can barely see it, but Trav and I are rocking our sporran, too.

Sunday was pretty low-key, though we were still out and about. We went to see Willy again, then took Trav's mom to the airport. After that we ate some lunch, got some chores done at home, then ran to the playground and the grocery store. After that it was already time for dinner, and we had just enough time for a short walk before putting Gwen to bed. Another weekend in the books.

Now, lets get this October going!

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