leaving, on a jet plane

Tomorrow I hop on a plane in the afternoon and wing my way across the country. It will be the farthest and the longest I've ever been away from Gwen. I'm nervous, and I'm so so damn excited. I can't wait for a weekend of just me and my girlfriends. Eating out, sleeping in, and dancing to too loud music while drinking a little too much alcohol. I'm going to miss the crap out of my girl, but this me time is going to be so worth it.

Tonight I'll hold her longer and closer while I put her to bed. Tomorrow morning I'll wake up and hold off on getting ready so that I can eat breakfast with Gwen and Trav, I'll give her extra hugs and kisses. And 2.5 days after I head out, I'll eagerly scoop her back up to tell her how much I missed her.

In between, I'll relish my time away. Wish me luck.

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