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Happy Halloween!

My head is spinning a bit, between travel and Sandy (the Hurricane/Super Storm) our schedule has been all thrown off. This is my first day in the office this week, and I'm just not back on track yet. We are lucky, our house made it through unscathed. We have power, no water in the basement, and have had no problems. Many, many, many were not so lucky. Millions without power, dozens hurt or killed, houses destroyed.

We drove back from Pittsburgh Monday, arriving - after a long, tiring drive - before the winds picked up too much. It was raining and gusting, but the real winds came after we were safely tucked inside; bowls, buckets, and pitchers filled with water, camping lantern out of the basement with fresh batteries, dinner made. It was good to be home.

Trav headed in yesterday, but was home by noon since all phone/internet/systems were down. The boss told my office to work from home yesterday, but I was home anyway since daycare was closed. Gwen and I baked cookies for a neighbor that has helped us out a few times lately (drove me to the train station when I headed to Vegas, pulled the glass out of our back yard table when we realized we forgot it on the way home Monday, and without us asking, also moved our garbage can and Gwen's little car to the back yard vs the side of the house, where they were safe from the winds). Trav and Gwen carved the pumpkin. We're all back to our normal routine today.

Pittsburgh and Halloween pictures tomorrow.

Who else is on the East Coast? How did you fare? 

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