pittsburgh and halloween

Gwen coughed so hard last night she gagged and barfed on me. Twice. I coughed so hard that I busted a blood vessel in my eye and gave myself a headache. We both slept well though and aren't coughing so much today. And I do have pictures:
Fall trees!!


(Day 1)

In Station Square.

Excited to start the Duck Tour.

The first day was gorgeous, and we had a great time seeing the city via Duck Tour.

Football Stadium.

Gwen got to drive the boat!


(Day 2)
Children's Museum with Trav, Uncle Andy, Aunt Megan, and cousin Wyatt.

I had to work all day, but Trav's brother and his family came in from Ohio. They all had a great time together at the Children's Museum.

Love this pic of the cousins!

(Day 3)

I had to work this day too, but only a half day. Gwen and Trav came over to check out the History Center, where my event was being held, while I finished up.

Heinz History Center - Super Bowl Ring

After I was done, we headed to the Primanti Brother's for lunch, then the Warhol Museum. We headed out Monday morning to race the crazy weather home.


Happy November!!

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