10 years

First a quick public service announcement... Go Vote! Whoever you vote for, please, take the time to exercise this amazing right that many people around the world would fight and die for. I've done my civic duty. Have you? 


A New Day turns 10 years old today! I feel like we should be going on a cruise to the Bahama's together, because dang, 10 years is pretty awesome.

This place has seen a college graduation, my first real job, an engagement, our first house, two new cars, a wedding, a puppy, travel to three countries and many states, two pregnancies, a miscarriage, our beautiful Gwen, and all the myriads of smaller, but no less important things that make life... life.

This blog has been my community, my journal, my memory keeper. I'm so glad to have it. So thankful that 10 years ago I sat down and typed, "So this is the first time i am trying this... typing out what i feel to share with the world, or at least my own small corner of it."

Thank you for sharing in my life. Here's to 10 more years of memories recorded!


Ps. That puppy I mentioned above... she turns 4 today!! My furry girl is getting so big. She really has turned into the best pup ever. So loving, silly, but also loyal and obedient. We lucked out. Happy Birthday Daisy!! 

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