christmas prep

I keep coming here, opening the new post box, then x-ing out. Work is just busy enough to make the days pass by nicely, and I'm just feeling distracted from writing otherwise.

So what have I been doing? Well, writing out my list of people that I'm buying Christmas gifts for (less then a month! wowza!)... then happily crossing out all of them except for 3. It feels good to have started early, and bought as I found things, so now I'm basically done. What I still need to figure out is a few stocking stuffers for Trav, and something nice, but not too expensive for Gwen's 4 main teachers. Thoughts?

I also want to leave something little for the mailman and the garbage men. Do you leave anything for them? If so, what/how much? They are all great guys that we've had lots of interactions with, so I want to do something small for them.

Maybe I'll bake them cookies, but boy... I realized this week, while I whipped up the cookies for Ro's cookie exchange this weekend, that I am really NOT a fan of all the work that goes into making cookies. I'm sure I'll end up doing it anyway, with Gwen some weekend, and I don't mind the measuring and mixing, but I really dislike the dishing out of dough and watching the clock forever in 15 minute intervals part. Maybe she and I can do something no bake, like cowgirl cookies... or something easier, in bar form. Please remind me next year though, when making 4 dozen cookies on a weekday night before a cookie exchange, its probably best not to try a new recipe you've never made before! C'est la vie.

Hopefully Trav can take advantage of Gwen and I being out this Saturday, to start breaking out the Christmas decorations. Sunday we have the bris, but we can probably finish that afternoon. Christmas cards (if I can remember to bring our addresses to work to make labels for) should be going out next week. Love all of this holiday fun!

What have you done to get ready for the holidays? Decorations up? Shopping started?

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  1. We have been busy transforming our home for our favorite holiday. Your Dad has been doing most of the lifting and carrying and ALL the climbing ... garland is up. Of course we always give our postman a gift (money), but I'm not sure how much because your Dad does it and I think I would be a little irked by his generosity. I think cookies or muffins would be a better appreciation. One of my favorite teacher gifts was easy and fun. I went to AC Moore and purchased those red clay flower pots and saucers. I also purchased craft paints in blues and greens (or your colors of choice). Get a small piece of clean sponge and wet it and then wring it out as much as possible. Dab the pot and saucer with one color so you have a mottled sort of effect. Let it dry overnight. Apply the second color and let dry. Fill with hard candy of whatever you like put in a celophane bag and tie with curly ribbon. It looks cute plus they can use the pot and saucer for a plant or pencil holder or whatever. LY


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