holiday prep and surprise spanish

Pretty relaxing weekend here, and productive as we got a ton of cleaning and straightening done. Good thing since we are hosting Thanksgiving this year and now I won't be embarrassed when my parents and brother show up on Thursday.

That was mostly all we did on Saturday. We skipped Lehigh vs. Lafayette this year for the first time in ages, though we watched it on TV. We love Lehigh and love getting back, but since we most head up during the day and a lot of alumni come back to drink at night, we end up not seeing a lot of people we know. Its worse for away games, which this was. Maybe next year. At least, in happy news, we won.  :-)

Sunday was a little more active, though still in a low-key way. I brought Gwen to the Quaker meeting with me. It went surprisingly well. About 10 - 15 minutes into the service the children's teacher takes the kids next door into the school, where they can color, play, and listen to stories. She sat amazingly still and quiet for those 10 minutes... quieter then I knew she could be while awake! Ha! I had a book for her to look at, and I think next time I might bring a pad for her to draw on, but she spent much of the time just sitting quietly with me. I went with her next door, and will next time to if she needs me, but by the end she was warming up nicely. I'll leave it up to her whether she comes with me or not, but for the first time, it went so well.

After the service was done, we took advantage of the school's playground to burn off some energy.

After lunch back at home, we enjoyed some puzzles, books, more cleaning, more straightening, and a walk around the block.

Two things Gwen surprised me with this week... Sunday morning we were both still waking up, so I put on "Super Why?" to watch with Gwen. Its not a bad show, helping with reading, math, and its cute. At one point they asked what a letter was, and Gwen shouted out the answer! I didn't realize she was identifying letters without context. I was so impressed! Trav wasn't as impressed, he's seen her do it before.

The next thing did impress Trav though. It must be something they're working on in school, but I never heard anything about it, and she just broke it out with no provocation while playing on Saturday. I asked her to repeat it for the camera, and we made a little video which we plan to send to Trav's uncle's husband... Gwen's Tio.

Every day my little girl is less little!

Now we're on to our quick week, then the first of my favorite holidays! Yippee!

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