be patient and watch things bloom

My lilac bush, the one I received for a Mother's Day gift last year, just bloomed. Like, over night. It didn't bloom last year, which was not unexpected considering it had just been transplanted and needed to recover. This year I was ready for it though, and feeling so impatient with it, wondering when those beautiful fragrant blossoms were going to show up already.

As is the case with all things... patience it a beautiful thing, and it will be rewarded.

A lesson that is a timely and very fitting reminder for my relationship with my 3-year old right now.

This weekend was one of highs and lows. Highs: We had a really nice time at my parent's on Saturday celebrating a belated Mother's Day with my mom, birthday with my dad, and early birthday with Trav. I cooked us all a nice dinner, the timing of which worked out well, and which everyone enjoyed. We ended the weekend last night on a really nice note with lots of Gwen snuggles before bed, and then she slept through the night (something her inhaler has been messing with for the past week)!

The Lows: Sunday was fine overall, but Gwen has been having a rough time lately (I think the inhaler she's on right now for a cough is a big contributor), and she had a huge screaming meltdown on Sunday which sucked. She also had a rough moment earlier in the day and told me she didn't want me and generally made me feel crappy, and even though I know I can't take it personally (she's 3!), I ended up crying in the shower. (Read more about this over at Connected Mom.)

What a weekend.

The important thing though is reminding myself that it is all fleeting, that if I hold my patience, the blooms will come. The I love yous before bed, the snuggles and kisses, and the cooperative sweet kid who greeted me this morning, well, they were some pretty sweet blooms.

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