over "dew"

Its funny, the things you wish for. I spent all of April wondering where all of the rain was. Wishing we could get a few good days of it, so my poor flowers could wake up already after the long winter.

May has finally delivered on that promise (my garden thanks it!). Finally my flowers can bloom. Better late, then never.

Work has slowed down a bit this month (event-wise), in anticipation of the upcoming summer, which is our slowest time of year. That doesn't mean its not busy, but now at least I'm busy catching up on all the things that have pushed aside over and over to have time for event details instead. I can finally see my desk again, and I'm happy for that change. I think it happens every year that the pressure builds and builds as we have so much going on in the new year through beginning of spring, until we slow down a little in May/June and can all finally breathe. This year that breath is especially appreciated since there is much going on outside of work in the next few months, all of which I'm looking forward to, but which would seem that much more overwhelming if work was taking everything out of me.

The day is about over, so I'm going to finish up with the hope that you are also enjoying a big spring exhale.

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