A few first this weekend:

- First Saturday of the month, so Ridley Creek park clean-up. I missed last month, so I was happy to be there this month. We went back to the trail we made the last time I was there to do some "benching" and remove a few stumps. Man is that trail looking gorgeous! It's hard to believe it wasn't there just two months ago.

The spring green is helping obviously, but I was a bit proud! LOL. 

- Gwen had a first this weekend too. Can you guess what it is?

She had asked me about this a bit ago when one of her classmates came to school with her nails painted, then I came home last week after getting "its warm and the sandals are coming out" pedicure and she asked again. So I ran out to get some piggy paint, and she got her first mani-pedi this weekend. 

She was quite pleased!

I did my fingers too, at her request... and now you can probably see our fingers from space!  ;-)

- First really really hard night for Gwen and Trav in a long time. I had a much needed and long overdue dinner out with a girlfriend of mine, which was so nice. Not so great was Gwen crying for me not to go. I felt so crappy leaving her, but she called me on the phone, we talked for a bit, and she seemed fine. Apparently she gave Trav a hell of a time going to bed though.

I think me being away in the morning, then again at night was hard. We had a great time between. Doing her nails, then heading outside to do some biking on the tennis courts. 

I try not to plan days like that, but they come up sometimes. So that was hard.

Showing off the insane green.

Thankfully she and I spend all day Sunday together.

- First day of the new "tennis season" for Trav! He's helping teach our neighborhood tennis camp again this year.

This picture has nothing to do with tennis,
but I just thought it was too cute.

He stayed home on Sunday to head to day one of tennis, while Gwen and I headed into the city to see some friends for a welcome back to town brunch they were having. Our half-hour drive turned into an hour drive thanks to accident/construction/Broad Street Run traffic. Still fun, but makes for a long day.

Lots of firsts. Now its time to get ready for the new week!

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