I didn't, but I did, and I will...

What a week, what a week. Here's what I didn't do. I didn't get a post up yesterday or today talking about Gwen's actual birthday (it was low key and fun, just what we were hoping for). I didn't even download the very few pictures I took that day.

But I did have a really nice day off with Gwen on Monday. The kind we needed after one too many frazzled, work from home with preschooler snow days. We watched a movie together, read tons of books, and did puzzles. Perfect.

I did have the most crazy hectic day in the office on Tuesday, which will happen when its your only day in the office during a particular week.

I did travel down to DC for the day today for work. I also had a great back and forth via email with my boss about this coming year and my goals for it. It was positive and I think may mean a "promotion" of sorts for me (as much as one can get a promotion in a tiny office with only so many people and jobs).

I did pack, and buy, and sort, and otherwise prep for Disney.

And tomorrow morning we will leave for a few days of warm (in the 80s!) family fun at the "happiest place on Earth." I can. not. wait.

I will make it up to you with some fun family Disney pictures next week.

Then, I promise to get to writing again.

Time to see if my cold stuffed nose allows me some sleep. See you next week, friends.

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