the road ahead

Sunset, just down the road from my parents' place.
Saturday afternoon Gwen and I headed up to my parents', all the way to my parents' this time, so I could get my hair done, we could visit, and Trav could get some much deserved alone/down time. It was nice. I love seeing Gwen and my parents interact. They adore each other and it is the sweetest.

We stayed for dinner so it was late and dark when we drove home. I got Gwen ready, and put her in her PJs before leaving so she could (and did) fall asleep on the ride home. It was dark, and quiet, and I remembered how much I loved to drive at night. Hardly any people around. Your car feels like a cocoon of warmth. The sound of the road rushing by is strangely hypnotic.

It makes me just want to keep driving.

But I headed home, carried her inside and tucked her in bed, and we all got some good sleep.

Sunday we had a lovely, thought brief, reprieve from the horrid winter. It was 53* and sunny, and we took advantage with a walk, during out lazy day at home.

Back to the winter norm on Monday though. Inches of snow piled up while I worked late and Trav had a snow day with Gwen. We did get to sleep in some, but I'm sure the last thing he wanted was for one of my work late days to be combine with a snow day. That is a lot of stuck inside, uninterrupted, solo time with a preschooler. They survived.

I'm working on lots of little things right now. Sometimes, I find it hard to balance my time right now. Work is busy, so some days I'm working while eating all the way through lunch, which leaves less time for emails, blog stuff, etc. When I'm home, I'm trying to balance quality time with Gwen, work around the house, yoga time, and on and on. There just aren't enough hours in the day sometimes, but I keep reminding myself that it will all get done eventually, and that its always this way. The busyness waxes and wanes. So for now I'm finding peace and pause in the moments I can. Like my time in the woods, and those quiet, hypnotic drives in the car. And I'm looking forward to the road ahead.


  1. I hear you on balancing! It's rough to find that time to yourself when you're a mommy!

  2. Balancing is tough for me sometimes and I don't even have kids - I really don't know how so many women manage to be parents, bloggers and work regular 9 to 5s, have pets, etc. It's a lot!

  3. We All Go Through It But We Get By.... XO :)


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