loving on love

There are so many things to love about today. The fact that I am at work, for one! The accompanying 2-hour delay! The fact that I got two beautiful, handcrafted Valentine's Day items, from my Valentines this morning. I'm a very lucky and very loved girl.

Not to mention Gwen's birthday this weekend, and our day off on Monday. Hopefully it will be nice enough to play outside. 

Cross stitched Harry Potter and gang!!!
Gwen, while initially saddened by the news that she had to actually put on clothes and head to school (which honestly, felt good), was excited again once we reminded her that she was taking treats for everyone to share for her birthday. I think she's going to be pretty excited about her Valentine's Day balloon tonight too.

It's not just the day's festivities that have me feeling good today. This year continues to plug along, and despite my snow day annoyances, it also continues to present me with opportunities for growth and change. There is the possibility for some really healthy growth at work, the likes of which I have not had before. I've heard it said that just setting positive intentions can help amazing things come into your life, but I'm really blown away by what 2014 and my intentions for authenticity have already manifested. I'm so hopeful for what this year might bring about.

On that note, I hope that your day of love and 3-day weekend (maybe?) are happy ones for you as well. 

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