come what May

Apropos to nothing... LOVE this picture!
Its the silliest thing, but I always get so excited when I turn over my monthly calendar (hanging on my wall at work and full of EVERYTHING coming in the month ahead) to the new month. I always do it a few days early, since most months start sometime in the middle of the week, so I just add the last few days of the previous month. I like being able to see what's ahead.

May, oh gosh, what a month that is looking to be. A trip to DC, and one to Boston (for work and pleasure, respectively). A wedding, six birthdays, Mother's Day, and a graduation. Three long weekends, garden planting, a dance recital, and possibly jury duty. And yoga, hopefully lots of yoga.

Add that to some plans for the summer (Cape Cod, camping, starting my class to become a certified Lactation Educator Counselor, my birthday), and I'm pretty excited for all that lays ahead.

I also have tons on my mind about upcoming changes, and it feels like I have heavy decisions to make, even though most are not actually decisions... more, just adjustments to changes that have to occur. Such is life, right?

What upcoming things are you excited about?

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