Easter at Cornfield Creek

Courtesy of my Uncle Wray

I always love Easter weekend. Its normally warming up and getting lovely out. You have the great celebratory feel of a holiday, but with a lot less of the prep then Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus, we've made a bit of a tradition of going to visit with my Uncle and Aunt at their place. The location has changed from DC to Cornfield Creek, and as of next year, back to DC, but the great company remains the same.

Gwen adores getting to visit with her Gruncle (Great Uncle) Wray, and Aunt Susie. They are some of her favorite people (mine too), and the feeling appears to be mutual.  :-)

We headed down on Saturday morning, and had an easy drive. The rest of the day was spent eating much ham, cooking, and enjoying each others company, interspersed with much singing. W and S gifted Gwen with the soundtrack to Frozen, which has already gotten much play. There was also some egg decorating.

We spent the night and Gwen was up early as usual on Easter morning, rearing and ready to go. I was less eager, and Trav was nice enough to get up with her to give me another hour or so.

My cousins and spouses/child showed up for brunch and egg hunting. It was a very picturesque egg hunt. The weather was gorgeous and the temps finally on the rise again.

I always love watching Gwen and Tommy together. They always find something new to entertain themselves.

After that it was time to head back home. Trav tried to nap in the car, and Gwen and I listened to more Frozen. The drive took longer back, since we hit all of the post-holiday traffic. Once home we decided to have an easy evening, and ordered some Chinese food. Trav lay with Gwen to put her to bed (a rare treat for her!), so he could take a bit of a nap, and I got some quiet time. It was a great end to a great weekend.

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