natural childbirth in a birth center {on the pistachio project}

Locking eyes with my daughter for the first time.
From the moment you find out you are pregnant, there are hundreds of questions that will flow through your mind. Everything from what you are going to name the baby to where they will sleep, and what they will wear. Will I babywear? Will I breastfeed? So many things to figure out. Arguably one of the most important, the one you have to figure out before any of the rest can come into play, is where and how am I going to birth my baby?

I'm unusual in that it was never a question for me. From the moment I watched my brother born (at seven years old), I knew that I would birth unmedicated in a birth center.

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Meegs is a lover of the outdoors, a budding yogi, and a tattoo enthusiast trying to live her most authentic life. A breastfeeding and babywearing enthusiast, she is also a gentle Mama to the most amazing girl.

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